aviation: Canada: Airbus A321XLR acquitted in ‘deep freeze’ test



The European aircraft manufacturer carried out a four-day ground test in cold weather in Iqaluit, Canada, using the Airbus A321XLR aircraft type. This is also the admission process.

The long-distance model IS eagerly awaited by numerous wearers because it is cheaper to buy and operate in direct comparison with widebodies. However, there have been delays so that it is currently expected that it will not be put into service before the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

A few weeks earlier, one of the other A321XLR test aircraft had completed a similar visit to Iqaluit, where the operation of the hydraulics and other systems was tested in extremely cold temperatures – after an overnight ‘soak’ in minus 40 degrees Celsius.

“This time we tested the cabin’s water and sewage system, which required a night-time seepage temperature below -15 degrees Celsius in the unheated cabin. For this purpose, several cold baths were carried out with the doors open over several consecutive nights, while the outside temperature was around minus 20 degrees Celsius, » says the manufacturer.

The test is designed so that the warmer environment in the cabin and below the passenger deck, where many systems are housed, can freeze in the off state in sub-zero temperatures. On site, Airbus brought a team of more than 30 people, including six pilots, flight test engineers, a flight test engineer and a cabin specialist engineer. The maintenance team consists of mechanics, electricians, quality inspectors, instrumentation specialists, system designers and technical photographers.

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