aviation: Brussels: Man hits check-in counter with post



On Sunday, November 26, 2023, a man had a violent freak out at Brussels Airport. He took a stand in which barrier tape is normally attached and hit the Plexiglas panes in front of counters with it several times.

It is completely unclear why the male person completely lost control and became violent. The media HLN published a video of the incident. No specific cause can be seen in the recordings, only the passenger’s misconduct. You can find the video at this link.

First, another passenger intervened and overpowered the troublemaker. Airport security staff immediately arrived and held the unruly PAX to the ground. The police then arrived and assumed liability. The executive did not provide any information about the background to the outburst.

In any case, Brussels Airport confirmed the authenticity of the recording and stated, among other things, that the incident occurred on Sunday around the afternoon. The police have opened an investigation against the aggressive man. Further details cannot be announced yet.

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