aviation: Because of hand luggage: Unruly PAX threatens with a bomb at the gate in Miami



Last week, a recalcitrant PAX at Miami Airport felt he had to make a bomb threat. The incident happened on June 18, 2023 at Gate 28. Passengers were waiting there for American Airlines Flight AA929 bound for São Paulo.

Local media reports that a dispute broke out between ground staff and a 44-year-old Brazilian. The recalcitrant PAX is said to have been allowed to check in his carry-on bag for loading free of charge as the plane was fully booked and there was said to be insufficient space in the overhead bins.

But the man didn’t want that at all. At first, the conversation got louder and louder, before he then completely guessed. The man completely lost his nerve when the ground staff explained to him that they could provide him with a lock and not a chain to lock the trolley. It was appealed that nobody would steal anything from his hand luggage.

Now the 44-year-old recalcitrant PAX loudly threatens that there is a bomb in his trolley and that he will detonate it if you don’t do what he wants. Some passengers were completely panicked. The gate agent is said to have been in a state of shock for a few moments, but then immediately, calmly and calmly, alerted the executive.

The 44-year-old man was then arrested by police and taken to the police station for further questioning. Contrary to testimonies from ground staff and passengers who witnessed and heard the incident, the recalcitrant PAX claimed that he made no bomb threat at all. He insists that he said there was no bomb in it himself. Luckily none were found. Irrespective of this, the troublemaker now faces charges.

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